The production office hated it, but I thought it was marvellous!

Doctor Who Meets Scratchman

Tom Baker vs. Satan.


Doctor Who Meets Scratchman was a failed Doctor Who kino that Tom Baker (Fourth Doctor) and Ian Marter (Harry Sullivan) wrote and were trying to get off the ground in the 1970's.

Plot Edit

The Doctor meets Scratchman (the Devil) played by Vincent Price. British supermodel Twiggy also would've been in it. There would've been scarecrows coming to life and the "Cybors" (cybernetic goblins) coming out of the ocean. Plus they meet the Greek god Pan.

At the end the Doctor winds up playing a gigantic pinball machine with huge flippers bouncing balls around with the fate of the world at stake.

Why it died Edit

They couldn't get funding for it. Shame because it probably would've been profitable (Doctor Who was more popular than ever at the time) although there's a good chance it might have been complete and utter shit so perhaps it's best left to headcanon.