Douglas Camfield

Based Dougie "Hitler" Camfield.

Douglas Camfield Frame

The Negative Third Doctor, also known as Douglas Camfield, was the director of many classic Doctor Who serials for the first four Doctors.


Camfield was Waris Hussein's protege. After Hussein turned down a staff director job to move on to more prestigious work, Camfield took the position. He directed a number of stories with the first two Doctors, most of which are partially or completely missing.

When Derrick Sherwin left the show in 1969, Camfield was offered the job of replacing him as producer. But a showruiner can only ruin one show, while a staff director can contribute to ruining many, so he turned it down to also work on shows like Z-Cars and The Sweeney, creating far more tapes for the BBC to wipe than if he'd taken the full-time Doctor Who job.

Since it's impossible to objectively list his stories in chronological order due to the complexities of time travel, they will instead be ordered from best to worst:

As you can see, even his worst stories were pretty good. But he did direct part of the The Chase.

Camfield wanted to be a writer as well as director, and pitched a few ideas to the producers over the years. All of them involved killing off the current female companion. All of his pitches were rejected, but perhaps they gave future writers an idea of what to do when the show had Adric instead of Jo Grant or Sarah Jane Smith.

Much as his later incarnation would play actor Tom Baker playing The Curator in The Day of the Doctor, the Negative Third Doctor once played an unknown and uncredited actor playing The Driver in The Invasion.


Basically, Hitler.

Early on, Camfield got laughs from the crew with his frequent good-natured jokes about sending Hussein home on the next boat to Pakistan, or how a woman like Verity Lambert might have gotten a man to pay for her nose job.

When he became a director, he liked to run the set with military precision, and was well known for meticulously planning out every detail to make sure the schedules ran on time.

Still, the cast and crew loved him. They especially loved to make gay jokes at his expense, like the "Camfield's Fairy Milk Chocolate" prop.

Personal LifeEdit

According to the Virgin novel Cold Fusion, Camfield was not really the Negative Third Doctor but the Fifth Other, a few regenerations before the one that threw himself into the Looms to be reincarnated as the First Doctor. He was married to a Time Lady named Patience, and had a dozen kids with her, the first becoming Susan's dad.

Later, much like the Third Doctor, he found himself on Earth working for the Army. He left to join the BBC as a direction/production trainee. He married Petra Williams, a human lady scientist from an alternate universe. They had no children, probably because he was still depressed about Rassilon killing all his kids from his first marriage.

Camfield had a congenital heart problem. After The Seeds of Doom, he promised Jesus that he would stop directing Doctor Who if Jesus would abstain from giving him a heart attack. Camfield kept his side of the bargain, but Jesus did not, and his final heart attack killed him at the age of 52. Bravo Jesus.

Camfield regenerated into the Negative Second Doctor and/or the Sixth Other, who also became a BBC staff director, who worked on Doctor Who episodes for the Fifth through Tenth Doctors.

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