New Doctor Who Trailer featuring the Doctor and Amy! - BBC One01:06

New Doctor Who Trailer featuring the Doctor and Amy! - BBC One


The Series 5 trailer has been one of the few teasers in NuWho which did not include any clips from the production it was advertising. and it was shot entirely for promotional purposes. This page is titled Down the Rabbit Hole because that's apparently what the music used in this trailer is called, and do you really want a page named "The Series 5 Trailer" you boring fucks?

"Plot" Edit

The Doctor and Amy are laying down in the middle of a park at night, looking up at the sky for an appropriate place to go next on their travels. You'd think the Doctor, with his seemingly infinite knowledge of the universe, would've had about 50 billion suggestions long before resorting to this, but whatever. Amy takes umbrage at the fact that one of the stars is flickering (isn't that was stars are meant to do?), the Doctor claiming that he thought he'd fixed that (?!?). Amy's curiosity is suddenly triggered, with her asking the Doctor who he is and even foreshadowing the first question. This angers the universe so much that the ground underneath Amy and the Doctor explodes, revealing a vortex that sucks them in, and the two hold each other while some upbeat mobile ringtone that I imagine you hear when you've ingested a fuckton of crack plays. After making a couple fourth wall breaking camera glances, they see a Dalek and a Smiler caught in floaty bubble things that pay them no attention (the Dalek speaking a distorted recycled voice clip from Doomsday btw), as well as a couple Weeping Angels. The Doctor pushes Amy out of the way as one of the Angels lunges towards them and makes a poor quality audio screech. It then explodes for no reason, and Amy and the Doctor are reunited. Then Matt Smith delivers his Eleventh Hour rousing speech (not the rooftop one, the TARDIS one) as the scenario suddenly retcons back to him and Amy laying down peacefully in the park. Suddenly, a disembodied Silurian head bursts through the ground, triggered because of its shitty Moffuck redesign.

Reception Edit

With the exception of Series 6 and #SavetheDay, this was the last good trailer Doctor Who has had.

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