Dr. Who and the Daleks Movie Poster

The only Doctor yet to have facial hair. Well other than War.

Dr. Who And The Daleks Poster

Shiny new Daleks.

Dr. Who and the Daleks

Dr. Who and the Daleks is the only canon entry in the entire Doctor Who mythos. To question otherwise would be foolhardy at best. It stars Peter "More Cushing For The Pushing" as Dr. Who and some Daleks as Daleks.

It's, like, the first ever Doctor Who movie. GET HYPE.

Dalekmania Edit

Released in 1965 to cash in on Dalekmania, it's loosely based on the First Doctor story The Daleks. It was followed by a 1966 sequel called Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.

Trivia Edit

This was based off that Dalek episode everyone remembers

The Daleks (No Shit)