Edge Lord Valeyardious

Edge's self-portrait.


Edge_Lord_Victorious !!5x3pQKJ6eBI also known as Literally tumblr: the Tripfag is /who/'s very own Transgendered Companion, who draws stuff for the thread. He wants to fuck the Tenth Doctor and David Tennant, respectively.

Edge Art Edit

All of the art he's done for /who/ can be downloaded here:!hPZBRLzZ!_QumDQfZ2zfYrkOy9-RKqN8Ds_vC6pP5I5pbGaX0Jjo

Controversy Edit

On the 30th of April 2017 a /who/ anon decided to dox Edge and all of /who/ went to shit. On May 1st the thread was more tripdrama than actual Doctor Who discussion and the thread got fucking erased. Congrats, lads.

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