Eighth Doctor Novels

The Eighth Doctor Adventures are a series of books about, you guessed it, the adventures of the Eighth Doctor. There are 73 books in this line, which is a whole lotta Eighth Doctor goodness.

If you're like me and hate it when we're in hiatus, which is more often than not, they're a great way to pass the time, alongside Big Finish audios. I mean I've only read a few so far, but they're pretty good. Some of the super nerds that have read every one backwards and forwards can probably write more here. As far as I know, they're totally independent from the Big Finish stories too.

What I will put here is a mediafire folder with every one in pdf format. The scan job was subpar, so the formatting is weird and there are some typos, but if you're smart enough to find this page you're smart enough to figure out what it should be. Besides, you're a huge nerd and just need content to consume, so you'll put up with it.

Continuity Edit

Initially, the Big Finish audio stories were intended to come between the first and second novels. The comics also fit within that same gap. And so does that one VNA with the Eighth Doctor. Of course there's nowhere near enough time to cram all those stories into that gap, but Big Finish fixed that by deciding that after Zagreus, the books now take place in a separate alternate timeline, but somehow the comics and VNA are in both, and some of the later audios reference some of the later books too.

If that bothers you, and you're the kind of person who needs to make a spreadsheet of what happened when to which character and then get in arguments about it on the TARDIS Weenie Wiki, you're going to hate these books, because half of them are about history being retroactively rewritten.

Otherwise, don't worry, it all works out in the end. The EDAs, just like the BFAs, manage to sync up with the first Ninth Doctor story properly (or either of the non-canonical alternatives, if you prefer) in ways that don't really contradict each other any more than they're supposed to.

Companions Edit

The Doctor tries to meet up with Grace from the TV movie a few times, but the magic of American lawyers always somehow turns her into a completely different lady doctor from San Francisco, so the Doctor needs different companions.

  • Sam: A young idealist whose timeline has been tampered with to make her a perfect companion. Unsurprisingly, she quickly becomes one of the Doctor's closest friends. Sadly, she eventually leaves. And, later, we find out that she died. And then that she got erased from history. And then the audios erase her from history too, just for good measure.
  • Fitz: Takes a while to grow on you, but one of the best companions ever, even if you've already seen Moffat steal all his best bits and give them to TV characters.
  • Compassion: Interesting, especially after spoiler spoiler TARDIS spoiler; starts to get grating, but leaves before it's a problem.
  • Anji: Sometimes a great character, sometimes the token minority, sometimes the upper-middle-class City bitch that represents all that's evil about capitalism, depending on the writer.
  • Trix: Almost invisible until the last few books, but at least she's never annoying.

Eras Edit

Thoughtful mcgann

Paul "The Man" McGann pictured reading all of the EDAs, because he knows quality when he sees it.

Opinions listed on books 1 - 36 are fundamentally wrong. Sam is GOAT, most of the stories are comfy or explore interesting concepts, and those that aren't/don't are short. Read all of the novels, you fucking weakling.


Books 1-1: The Eight Doctors. No. Uncle Terry's first Virgin novel swung between pretty-good and so-bad-it's-good, but this one is just so-bad-it's-bad. Just pretend The Dying Days is the first book and start there. It flows better into the rest of the series, and makes for a cool bookend with Lance Parkin writing both the beginning and the end of the Eight books.

Books 2-18: Oh God Why Won't Sam Just Die. Only read Alien Bodies and Scarlet Empress and maybe Seeing I. The rest are either decent NAs with Seven and Ace hastily search-and-replaced with Eight and Sam or total crap.

Books 19-24: Fitz Time. Optional. Fitz is here, Sam will be gone soon. None of the books are amazing, but the only bad one (Unnatural History) is a fascinating failure.

Books 25-36: The Second War in Heaven Against The Enemy (Stephen Cole). Only read Interference, then imagine the silliest way you could get from there to the Doctor stuck on Earth without a TARDIS in a universe without Time Lords and just go to the next era. Everyone's trying to play in Mad Larry's world, and nobody has the brain chemical imbalance to do it. In many cases, it's interesting to watch them try anyway, but if you haven't read the EDAs by now, you probably don't need that kind of interesting.

Books 37-41: Stuck on Earth. Read them. A total ripoff of Tensy's "specials" season, a bunch of mostly-independent stories with separate companions, but still, mostly pretty good.

Books 42-50: Stuff Happens. Read them. These are mostly standalone stories, mostly by veteran VNA writers, and all about what you'd expect from each, so skip the ones by writers you know you don't like. The PDA Fear Itself also fits in this era, and it's also good.

Books 51-67: Time is All Screwy. All or nothing. Some of the best Doctor Who novels ever are in here, but things get very arc-laden and continuity-heavy, almost like Justin Richards was trying to rip off Stephen Moffat, so you pretty much have to read most of them, in order, if you're going to read any of them. And it will start to feel tedious and/or depressing at some point, but if you've gotten that far, you have to keep going. The payoff at the end is pretty good, but still somehow disappointing, almost like Justin Richards was trying to rip off Stephen Moffat.

Books 68-72: Winding Down. Optional, mostly filler, but mostly pretty good filler. Definitely read Tomorrow Windows.

Books 73-73: The Gallifrey Chronicles. If you haven't read most of the EDAs and the important VNAs, VMAs, and PDAs, you'll completely miss the point. But if you're sad enough to have read all that stuff, you absolutely need to read this one.

EDAs on the Wiki Edit

Title Book Number Companions Author
The Eight Doctors 1 Sam Terrance Dicks
Vampire Science 2 Sam Kate Orman / Jonathan Blum
Alien Bodies 6 Sam Lawrence Miles
The Taint 18 Sam, Fitz Michael Collier
Revolution Man 21 Sam, Fitz Paul Leonard
Interference 25 + 26 Sam, Fitz Lawrence Miles
The Ancestor Cell 36 Fitz, Compassion Peter Anghelides / Stephen Cole
The Crooked World 57 Fitz, Anji Steven Lyons
The Gallifrey Chronicles 73 Fitz, Trix Lance Parkin

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