Eldrad zygon2

>tfw you type your own name into Google and it comes up with lewd fanart.

Eldrad was a rock who wanted to rule a planet.

Appeared in The Sp00py Hand.

Eldrad Must Live. Edit

Eldrad was executed by her own people, but survived through his wanking hand, which he then used to finger Sarah Jane Smith.

Eldrad Must Live. Edit

After absorbing a shit ton of radiation, he turned into an inspiration of Rule 34 fanart a woman based on Sarah, even though the two look absolutely nothing alike. Still, this technically makes Eldrad trans, and she could potentially have been a companion if she wasn't mad about ruling a planet or some shit, so there.

Eldrad Must Live. Edit

She was actually a pretty interesting character at first, until she got back to her home planet and turned into an overacting scenery chewing Brian Blessed clone that would make Omega blush.

Eldrad Must Live. Edit

Died from scarf, but then faced off against Celery.


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