So with the knowledge that in 30 years time someone is going to nail me to the wall as the archetype of a disastrously smug postmodern turn in fandom, and that I will fully and completely deserve this fate...
— Dr. Sandifer, underestimating fandom.
Doctor Who and the Psychochronography of Doom

Collect (or ignore) 'em all!

Elizabeth "Liz Shaw" Sandifer, formerly someone else, is a crazy, whiny, Doctor Who fan on the internet and metafictional sex god.

The sesquipedalian blatteroon and her otiose footle of tautological excogitation about a children’s programme have been erased from Doctor Who (and our Witzelsucht) forever by a qlippothic narrative collapse that was brought on by frenchified batrachomyomachia - let not his name darken these gilt-edged pages again!

On an unrelated note, here are a few quotes about no one in particular that I quite enjoy.

  • "Do what you will, this world's a fiction and is made up of contradiction." - William Blake
  • “Fiction and fact: only madmen and magistrates cannot discriminate between them.” - Alan Moore, Lost Girls
  • “Now, as I understand it, the bards were feared. They were respected, but more than that they were feared. If you were just some magician, if you'd pissed off some witch, then what's she gonna do, she's gonna put a curse on you, and what's gonna happen? Your hens are gonna lay funny, your milk's gonna go sour, maybe one of your kids is gonna get a hare-lip or something like that — no big deal.  You piss off a bard, and forget about putting a curse on you, he might put a satire on you. And if he was a skilful bard, he puts a satire on you, it destroys you in the eyes of your community, it shows you up as ridiculous, lame, pathetic, worthless, in the eyes of your community, in the eyes of your family, in the eyes of your children, in the eyes of yourself, and if it's a particularly good bard, and he's written a particularly good satire, then three hundred years after you're dead, people are still gonna be laughing, at what a twat you were.” ― Alan Moore, a man noted for his complete dislike of Doctor Who, by the way.
  • "You silly English twit. Limit your historically ignorant, politically correct, socialist sensitivity concerns to Londonistan and the rest of your island." - Vox Day
  • John C Wright chooses to look this way

    Figure 1.1: John C. Wright Euphoric.

    "This is why the Christians are right to kill the magicians. If one does not define one's terms correctly, mental disorganization is the only result, and one speaks only darkness." - John C. Wright.
  • "Aw. My best friend is a Problematic Person now, I see. Go to hell you pompous arse. *BLOCKS*" - Clayton "Blocked" Hickman
  • "It's weird, the 4chan Doctor Who community is responsible both for the delightful mosaic of title cards summarizing my take on each era and the sneering and transphobic Wiki article it's an illustration for." - Elizabeth Sandifer