I will erase you from Doctor Who.
Steven Moffat reading this wiki.


Look out Jenna.


Moffat is like a wild animal.


It's over.

Gareth Erased Letter

Confirmation from the Garethmeister.

Leaked audio of Moffat firing Marcelo Camargo

Leaked audio of Moffat firing Marcelo Camargo

The last thing you will ever hear.

Gareth Roberts Erased

RIP Gareth.

Gareth Erased
Third Erasure

If you find yourself being erased from Doctor Who, chances are that you displeased Grand High Emperor God-King Moffat, as if shot by a De-mat Gun.

Background Edit

Moffat has been known to erase executive producers like Carol Skinner, cast members like John Barrowman, fans and viewers by the percentage point, episodes from both canon and archives, and Marcelo Camargo (allegedly). Sources say the Moff is an "absolute fucking maniac" who "takes his time with every kill, studying his prey, learning, and preparing himself for the next erasure."

Exactly how the "erasure" is performed is something of a mystery, some speculate that Moffat has the MIA and CIA disappear the bodies, though others suggest Moffat may be eating them.

It is suspected that Moffat has recently been trying to erase the /who/ wiki itself.

You'll never know what hit you Edit

Gareth "That's Gareth!" Roberts recently confirmed via Twitter (see accompanying pic) that "nobody gets a letter" when it comes to being erased from Doctor Who. This supports the theory that the vast majority of Moff's victims are struck without warning, Caro Skinner seemingly being the exception.

However it is most likely that Skinner only received advance warning about her erasure due to Moff's tongue loosening after having one too many complimentary BBC champagnes. Normally, his targets simply vanish, and anyone who dares to ask what happened to them is probably next.

The Ultimate IronyEdit

Live by the eraser... die by the eraser.

Known Erased Writers Edit

  • Gareth Roberts
  • Lawrence Miles
  • Jim Mortimore
  • Eric Saward
  • John Peel
  • That guy who wrote Nekromanteia.