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Despite the ever-growing list of Things He Did (And Continues To Do) Wrong, Step-up Moffat is not without a few successes in his tenure on the televisionary programme Doctor Whose... spaced out over what feels like... the last decade.

Things Done Right Edit

  • Popularity: the programme has never been more popular (at least overseas) and the 50th anniversary episode was even shot in 3D and shown in movie theatres ACROSS THE WOOORLD
  • Gave us another on-screen appearance of Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor 17 years after having only appeared on-screen in the TV Movie.
  • Gave us the Eighth Doctor's regeneration... and an extra regeneration no one asked for, but still.
  • The War Doctor, played by John Hurtwee, is based as fuck
  • Matt Smith: remember how everyone hated him until he took over?
  • Peter Capaldi: An even better choice than Smith - oh how the fangirls wailed and gnashed their wee teeth in impotent rage! Hahaha!!
  • Amy was a great companion. Lick my balls if you think otherwise.
  • Rory: he had some great bad-ass moments and played the comedy stolen from Coupling well.
  • Every script previous to The Beast Below. At least those.
  • The future timey-whimey flash-backing Doctor speaking to a blind Amy in the forest during Flesh and Stone.
  • Using the TARDIS as an actual goddamn time machine instead of just a door to the next story like the previous thirty or so seasons (WARNING: may result in timey-wimey).
  • Snappy, quippy and (annoyingly) quotable dialogue even when the rest of the episode was bad.
  • The Pandorica Opens
  • The Impossible Astronaut and The Day of the Moon
  • The Bells of St. John and fight me if you think otherwise, bitch.
  • Listen is GOAT
  • Clara is based
  • Heaven Sent is the greatest episode of anything ever written.
  • Not confirming either way if The Doctor is or is not half-human, yet revisiting the idea to trigger fanboy autism.

Bad Elements From Past Doctor Who That The Grand Moff Firkin Has Brought Back and Redeemed (Somewhat) Edit

Future Possibilities For More Edit

I’m waiting to see him work in the “half-human” nonsense from the Fox movie.



I shudder to think!

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