Faction Paradox is another tttly original donut steel "concept" from Mad Larry, thus proving his status as less the potential next Harlan Ellison or J G Ballard or whatever, but just another fanfic writer that got too big for his strap-ons (strap-on shoes, you sick fuck, not the other kind) and couldn't see that the BBC saw him and other fanboys as just another source for that sweet, sweet licensing money. A bit like everything in Doctor Who post-1989 to this day, really. Still better than what some fans have done with their time...
Godfather CIA

Godfather CIA, a prominent figure in Faction Paradox. His past identity is unknown.

Faction Paradox are basically the Time Lords. But evil and chaotic. And dress up in spooky Satanic/voodooo costumes. But of course Larry had to change some names for his personal spin-off series, cos, you know, copyright shit and all that. Their leader is named Grandfather Paradox, which is a pretty cool name, and he's definitely not totally absolutely not probably the Doctor.

The Faction, being an edgy grimdark team of Dontes to the Doctors Dante, of course manipulate other races of big guys to be their servants against their enemies such as the CIA - I mean Celestis (plz don't sue Auntie Beeb ;_____;), a notable example being "The Remote" (hmmm yes I hope this doesn't turn into the usual euphoric sneering about plebs) a society driven entirely by media signals (spoke too soon) and as such are part of a hivemind culture and yet are extremely violent and unpredictable. Reminds me of somewhere, honestly...

In all honesty, this is basically the sort of bullshit you'll find in Warhammer 40'000 (Chaos Marines rings a bell?), which is obvious, given how Larry is more /tg/ than /tv/ - guy can't write tracts about the lore of a setting and yet you know he'd never be able to make it as an independent writer. Never stopped China Mieville, though and look at him.

Still, it would be terrible if plagiarizing bastards decided to rip off, say, the whole "voodoo creeps in space" angle, or "creepy aliens manipulating humanity and other societies for aeons" concept, among other things from his novels, wouldn't it?

Faction Paradox is in a quantum superposition of being both canon and non-canon due to its ostentatiously obscure nature.