Rose Axe Murderer

Rose saves the Doctor by killing the young girl with a pickaxe.


What did they mean by this?


Tennant's face between takes.

Fear Her is the eleventh episode of Series 2.



Plot Edit

A little girl who can't act draws pictures that capture stick people in slightly better CGI than the show usually has (ha ha) and it turns out that she has an alien thistle for a friend and the Doctor has to carry the Olympic torch to make a stadium full of people reappear.

The rumors are it was written for the scriptwriter's daughter and it shows.

Production Edit

God what a mess. This slot was originally intended for something ludicrously british by Stephen Fry, but the fat homo bailed at the last second, leaving the other fat homo to find someone to fill in with something truly depressing.

Reception Edit

Usually mentioned alongside Love and Monsters as being one of the most popular NuWho episodes ever. We just can't stop talking about it on /who/.

Actually, the bit at the start where the TARDIS lands facing the wrong way is pretty cute. After that you can turn the episode off.

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