-were you perhaps looking for fucking death metal as fuck

Fear of the (VNA Level) Dark is a goddamn nightmare novel written by Trevor Baxendale and published for BBC books in 2003. The novel features the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa, and Tegan somewhere after the events of Arc of Infinity.

Spoiler free plot Edit



Fivey and his qts land on a moon circling the planet Akoshemon, a once lively world long destroyed by war and violence. They land there to investigate a seemingly telepathic force that is somehow able to make its way into Nyssa's mind. In their investigation they meet such wonderful characters as: Jyl Stoker, another qt3.14 who will sell your arm for money given the chance; Bunny Cheung, a monstrosity of a man with a heart of gold and a family far far away; Captain Lawrence, who in my mind looks like David Tennant, and other splendid, well written characters.

Then a lot of bad stuff happens. What follows is a somewhat spoilery list of some of the events in the book, but in non-sequential order and without any names given as to whom the events pertain:

  • The Doctor (shit I named dropped) loses it. Hard. Several times. Yes, this is Fivey I'm talking about.
  • Someone loses an arm.
  • Possession- again, several times.
  • Lots and lots and lots of blood. A lot of it black.
  • One of the Doctor's companions goes into cardiac arrest.
  • Corpses, lots of them. Dry.
  • A gun. Actually, come to think of it, several. But only one you care about.
  • Gratuitous, absolutely NC-17 violence.
  • A monster that does something so vile and disgusting I didn't think anyone could actually conjure it up into fiction.
  • And, lastly, the Dark itself. The Dark, with a motherfucking capital D. Black, oozing, choking, enveloping, cold.

Seriously, don't fucking buy this book for your kids. This is the most adult story to ever adult my fucking adult life, in ANYTHING. Fifty Shades of Grey? Yeah, gray because it's fucking TAME compared to THIS SHIT. Graphic Novels filled with blood and violence? M8 the things in this book are so disgusting and horrific it would be illegal to print in pictures.Those edgy, dark fanfictions people write have nothing on this. I AM SERIOUSLY NOT KIDDING HOLY FUCK I WASN'T READY FOR THIS SHIT, NOT FROM DOCTOR WHO. NOT FROM FIVEY OF ALL PEOPLE.


See this? Doesn't even come close to how it felt reading this book. I'm seriously hugging my old pokemon stuffies right now man, I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Verdict Edit

It's a good book 10/10 won't read again buy it for your kids for the holidays. Iz good. Read it at story time, bring it to book club, lend it to your younger siblings, burn it and smoke it in a crack pipe, all of these are equally responsible things to do with this book.