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Finales are defined as the last part of a piece of entertainment, especially when particularly dramatic or exciting. That is to say, they don't necessarily involve such troubling factors as satisfactory plot resolutions.

Most of the time the series finale is a two-parter but sometimes not when Steven Moffat can't be bothered to write more than 45 minutes. Every series finale has an epic buildup that is eventually ruined in a deus ex machina clusterfuck ending.

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See the Finales category for a handy list of Doctor Who finales.

List of clusterfuck endings Edit

The Parting of the Ways - Rose opens up the TARDIS using a truck and becomes God.

Doomsday - The Doctor pulls a lever that sucks up all the Daleks and Cybermen.

Last of the Time Lords - A bunch of people say the Doctor's name and he turns into Jesus.

Journey's End - Donna presses some buttons and all the Daleks explode.

The Big Bang - The Doctor flies a box into an explosion and removes the RTD era from canon.

The Wedding of River Song - The Doctor hides inside a robot so he doesn't have to get shot.

The Name of the Doctor - Clara steps into the Doctor's timeline and becomes the reason for everything in the Doctor Who universe.

Death in Heaven - Danny Pink makes the Cybermen fly into the air and blow up a cloud.

Hell Bent - The Doctor and Clara play Russian Roulette with a memory wiper.

The Doctor Falls - The Doctor kills himself to temporarily stop the Cybermen.

It's the Daleks again! What a surprise!