I literally can't stop writing good episodes.

Flatland is the GOAT ninth episode of Series 8 and the second addition to the great and powerful Mathieson episode saga. Stars Pietro Capaldini as Twelve and Jenna Coleman as Clara.

Features the debut of Rigsy and The Boners, as well as Clara's fat arse.

Plot Edit

The Minish Doctor faces off against Mr. Game and Watch, with the help of Clara, the basest scum of society and Fenton, perhaps the greatest one off companion the show has ever seen. The episode is also notable for its Wall Master cameo.

At one point the doctor pulls a lever we've never seen before on the TARDIS console that transforms it into the Pandorica, which is a pretty big image to call on all of a sudden. Mathieson's out of his league, he should have stuck with Animal House.

Reception Edit

Once again Mathieson proves that he is centuries ahead of the rest of Who's writers in terms of crafting well written, interesting and exciting episodes.