Vending machine

The Doctor's granddaughter Susan Fourmen using the most popular food machine on the TARDIS in the first season story, "Contributing To The Delinquency Of A Minor."

A food machine was a ridiculously futuristic device The Doctor had aboard his TARDIS which produced food when someone dropped a coin into it. It appeared during the runs of the First and Second Doctor (who was skilled at "tipping it" for free goodies) but came back for one last appearance with the Third Doctor in the fan favourite story Inferno.

During that serial's first episode, The Third Doctor got pissed when it ate his fifteen-pence and didn't dispense anything so he Venusian Akido'ed the hell out of it and filled his pockets with sweets which he later gleefully offered to everyone he met for the next three episodes of the story, sometimes taking several minutes of screen time as he and the other hashed out the various qualities of the assorted candies.

Neil Gaiman, interviewed in Doctor Who Magazine (#23, page 17) said "I saw this episode when I was like seven and thought it was the funniest goddamn thing I'd ever seen. For years afterward, every time I saw a vending machine, I simply had to break into it and then run off, my fists full of chocolate bars."

Tom Baker is also said to have been inspired by this moment and introduced the jelly babies his Fourth Doctor became known for. He later switched to handing out weirder English candies such as "cinnamon roundabouts," "tickling dingles," and "gleet runnies."

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