The Doctor - 10 doesn't understand 11


The Forest of Fatal Death is the ninth episode of the Series 4 and the second of a two-parter following Silence of the Lambs.

Story Edit

RIVER DIES. Also spoilers.

So Ten and Dollar visit a library but it's empty because the shadows have eaten everyone. River Song shows up with a team of idiots and gets buttflustered because the Doctor has no clue who she is.

Anyway the shadows start eating them and Donna gets "saved" into the library's central computer because inside the computer is a dead little girl who was trying to rescue the library's population from the Vashta Nerada by saving everyone onto the hard drive.

Ten eventually clues onto this and saves the day, although he doesn't really because River chains him up and forces him to watch her barbecue herself.

But wait there's more! Fortunately Ten remembers the whole computer-saving-people thing and is able to upload River's consciousness into the computer, meaning she literally lives forever as a force ghost and can (and WILL) keep returning to the show long after all of us are dead.

Reception Edit

Pretty much GOAT. Though I do remember Moff getting a tad of criticism for using the whole empty-monster-with-catchphrase meme again.

  • Are you my mummy?
  • Hey who turned out the lights?

In Doctor Who the rule has always been that if something works, you must run it into the ground as quickly as possible.

tbh some of the 2008 special effects and directing bring it down a bit and make it feel cheesey. Lets remake it for Series 10 with GOAT visuals and Ayylmao directing.

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