She's seen better days.

Gordon Frohman, the Sausage King of Chicago, is an actress living in London. She played Dr. Martha "Indiana" Jones on some british primetime soap, I dunno. She got this ass, man, she would get it, lemme tell ya.

She also starred in Law'n'Dorder UK with former Doctor David Peterson. In it, she's a cutie prosecutor with a Tardis on her desk because she's a Wo-Manchild.

Before that, she played... ugh... it was a hard name to spell, but she was a chick who worked at Torchwood 1, and she got her brain eaten by Cyberworms, and the Doctor brutally murdered her in front of the entire staff, and that was Martha's cousin, and that's pretty fucked up, mostly cuz RTD implies all black people look the same. Real talk, I always figured that's what Mr. Saxon's assistant told her mother, "He murdered your niece". Because it's true, you know. And it's almost certainly on video.

Recently received international attention for pegging Lana Wachowski.

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