Friendly Neighbourhood Anon is everyone's favourite trip. Every post he makes on /who/ blesses all of
us, from shitposters to baneposters alike. We are united by his thoughtful contributions - the general needs
creativity and discussion after all, something FNA manages to bring in in droves. Shitposters are figuratively
killed as soon as he steps on the scene. Trip haters cower in fear and cry as they see the support he gets -
one even killed himself when he saw FNA's quality posts - their whole life and beliefs had been proven a
. No longer do people proclaim "Let /who/ die!" for FNA is our saviour. All hail our leader and master,
Friendly Neighbourhood Anon!

Memeing asideEdit


He's alright, I guess. Not good at hiding what he wanks to on the internet though.

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