Super Doctor Who

There are many Games that /who/ likes to play. Some like to play the Tri-Logic game. Some like to play the Game of Rassilon. Some are dirty fucking hackers.

Here's some of our favorite games.

The /who/nger GamesEdit

Who's fate

Says it all, really.

Nobody really likes this game.

If you're a Nobody, then check out the full article on it.

Drinking Games Edit

If you're permanently drunk like Ted Bonker why not try these fun drinking games?

The Deathly Floor Edit

Perhaps you'd enjoy a battle of wits against a floor?

Bingo Edit

Who doesn't love bingo?

2048: Doctor Who EditionEdit


Beat that, nerds.

This game sure was popular for a couple days, wasn't it?

Everybody agrees the pics in this version suck, but nobody's managed to make a better one.

What Episode?Edit

[Visual Effects: Add Bitchy Trampoline]

LEGO DimensionsEdit

LEGO Dimensions - Doctor Who Trailer01:47

LEGO Dimensions - Doctor Who Trailer

Hearing Peter Capaldi say "Wyldstyle" is already just so weird.

The only option on this list that's actually canon. Check out the full article on it.

Doctor Who: Return To Earth Edit

More absolute canon. Check out the full article on it.

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