Gareth Roberts

Based Gazza.

Gareth Roberts

Fuck PE teachers.


An unrelated picture of a Hawaiian drag queen.


Senpai noticed us <3



Gareth and Matt

Gareth with Matt Smith.


Gareth Roberts wrote a bunch of Doctor Who books, comics and audios throughout the 90's and 00's and went on to write for the TV show.

All of this is very much in past tense, since his recent Twitter postings seem to suggest that he was recently erased from Doctor Who. These coincided with an surge of Zygonphobic rhetoric, salty digs at Moffat, and complaints about recent episodes, all of which would assuredly preclude his ever working on the show again. What truly led to the downfall of Roberts may not come to light for quite some time.

That's Gareth!

Writing credits Edit

Books Edit

The listings with an asterisk (*) were later adapted as Big Finish plays. Speaking of which:

Audios Edit

TV Edit

Trivia Edit

Known for being a huge Tom Baker fan, hating PE teachers, looking like a thumb, and writing comfy episodes.

He also likes a bit of Pip and Jane.

Gareth Loves /who/ Edit

One quiet day in April 2016, we started feeling bad about Gareth's erasure (and all the subsequent Nazi memes). Knowing that he'd replied to fan art at least once before, "Splink2" tweeted his official Paint Anon portrait and invited him to visit /who/.

Although Gareth declined the invitation (doesn't do forums, apparently... smart man), he still sent /who/ his "big love".

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