George Lucas Haters
George Lucas is the greatest person to ever walk this planet, anyone who disagrees is wrong.

Career Edit

George Lucas is the creator of Star Wars and is was also the owner of LucasFilm before he sold it to Satan in 2011, which inevitably caused Star Wars fans everywhere to freak out. George Lucas and LucasFilm are also known for creating the Indiana Jones movies and Willow, a movie that stars some bloke named Warwick Davies. But of course, these movies all pale in comparison to the true cinematic masterpiece known as Howard the Duck, the first true Marvel film ever conceived.

Fan Hate Edit

In the early 2000s, George Lucas came under a lot of hate from Star Wars fans who didn't like the fact that he made more Star Wars films that were considered bad by the masses. This caused George Lucas to be the subject of ridicule for Star Wars fans all over the world for years to come. It is believed that the hate he was subjected to was part of the reason that he sold Star Wars to Disney, dooming the franchise to an eternity of milking. BRAVO STAR WARS FANS!

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