Good Night - Doctor Who04:31

Good Night - Doctor Who

Someone was generous enough to upload it to YouTube, so you don't even have to save up for the Series 6 boxset in order to watch it (which is probably for the best)...

Good Night is a minisode released on the Series 6 DVD boxset, featuring RIP as the Foot and Wooden as Ameh. It's part of a series of five minisodes called Night and the Doctor, not to be confused with Night of the Doctor.

Plot Edit

Amy can't sleep because her life makes no sense, so the Doctor comforts her by fucking her with a euphonium, and then by pretty much confirming that every Doctor Who story ever made in any medium - even the ones which have been contradicted by each other - are all canon because wibbly wobbly. This makes Amy cream, or something.

Reception Edit


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