Gordon's Nipple was a Sabre-Toothed Gorilla bit-part actor known for playing the Mattress. And that's ironically, literally the only thing he's known for, despite being in tons of things and actually getting lines in them.


Even though he has a Delgado-shaped suit and a Delgado-shaped beard, he's totally just a stand-in for Ainley. Really. Don't believe the word of Gordon Tipple or Philip Segal themselves, only believe the word of Facebook posts with tons of upvotes.

His Particular Incarnation Edit

Even though Gordon Tipple originally had a spot of dialogue of his own that revealed a very un-Ainley voice and personality (a very icy one at that), that was deleted at almost the last minute, even though the makeup team was instructed to make a new Master design based on Delgado and Ainley, and chose a far more Delgado look, even though the Master's inhuman eyes are not feline at all and were intentionally based on reptiles to reflect his genetic tampering with himself to in order to become a Morphant, which the novelization of the telemovie confirms, even though this Master had a backstory for being on trial because he basically challenged the Daleks (apparently he was found guilty of making new Daleks with hopes of taking over Gallifrey and the OG Daleks were naturally not thrilled with this), and even though this is all because the producer wouldn't cast Ainley to avoid contradicting the then-canon Virgin New Adventures (keep in mind that if you know what happens in each book but only pay attention to some of them, like Human Nature, you'd be under the impression that the Doctor was half-human or something too), he's totes meant to be the Ainley Master, and is only on trial for peace negotiations between the Time Lords and the Daleks, and because he has this kuh-ray-zay plan with the Daleks to trap the Doctor! Really. Believe me just because the other fans say so and don't believe the massive pile of evidence against it.

In all seriousness though, it is a terribly hilarious shame that they worked so hard to make a brand-new Master that was not, in fact, meant to be Anthony Ainley, a Master incarnation with his own backstory and personality, just to cut out what little of him we were supposed to have. Even worse, Tipple's Master was not cast for ear stories in Big Finish! Now they would have done him justice.

Here is a link to the voiceover they were originally going to use for the movie; apparently, they were going to have even more than this, but this was all that we have. Pay no attention to the fact that this guy has an obviously Sabre-Toothed Gorilla accent and sounds as un-Ainley as you can get, he's totes meant to be Ainley, because all of the fans say so and I won't get likes if I point out all of the evidence so suggest that he's his own incarnation!

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