Grace Holloway - Daphne Ashbrook

Grace ruins the TARDIS.

Naughty Grace

Grace fucking loved metal.

The Doctor offers just the tip

One day, I shall cum back...

Grace Holloway (played by Daphne Ashbrook) was a black jazz singer in the undersea city of Rapture who famously pashed the Eighth Doctor in the '96 TV Movie.

Character Edit

Grace was a shithouse Doctor who accidentally killed the Seventh Doctor when she attempted to operate on him. She later gets possessed by the Mattress and is saved (and ploughed) by Eight. The Master heavily implies that Grace is a kinky bitch, which given she lives in San Francisco is probably accurate.

Departure Edit

After the Eighth Doctor knocks her up he disappears in the TARDIS. Bye Grace.

Legacy Edit

Didn't get a mention in The Night of the Doctor (probably due to some battle over the rights.)