Graham Williams 1

The Agnew Era Part 1.

Graham Williams 2

The Agnew Era Part 2.

Graham Williams

Graham "David Agnew" Williams was the Showruiner and producer of Doctor Who between the prosperous First Golden Age of Hinchcliffe and Holmes and the disastrous reign of Jonathan Nathan Turner.

As a result, his era rarely gets much respect from those raised on the classic 70's fare or the zany 80's bullshit, nor from those raised on the modern series, which is inspired largely by everything outside of Williams's era.

In fact, the only person still writing like Graham Williams is approving scripts is Gareth Roberts, the only person on the production with a name nearly as British as his own.

Williams era Edit

The Williams era saw K-9 become a regular companion along with the invention of Romana, the whole Key to Time arc plus the Black and White Guardians thing. It also saw the introduction of the Randomizer, quite possibly the best wasted idea the show ever had that was sadly abandoned in the first story of the next showruiner.

Stories Edit

Graham's script editors were Anthony Read and later Douglas Adams, each of whom he co-wrote a script with under the psedonym 'David Agnew'.

Shada Edit

The final story of the Graham Williams era, Shada, was never completed due to industrial disputes at the BBC.