Sure, there were photos more indicative of her character, or better formatted for a wiki article, but she had her lips closed in those pictures.

Gwen Cooper (pronounced "guwhen kewpuh") is /who/'s welshfu, and a member of Touchdown.

Fictional tooth gapEdit


>tfw never got the Harkness

Gwen was the reincarnation of a mentally retarded Cardiff maid with psychic powers from the 1890s. This gave her the rare opportunity to star in Torchwood, much like fellow reincarnated former NuWho guest star Frobisher. No, not the penguin, the Doctor. What are we talking about?

Gwen got married to a welshman and formed babby, then her dad had a heart attack and took like a year to die of it.

After returning from America, Gwen was never seen nor heard from again.

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