Harry Potter the later years

This doesn't have anything to do with Doctor Who, I just love this picture.

Harry Potter is a non-fictional series of exposes of the sorry state of British boarding schools. It was adapted into a film series that featured future first Doctor David Bradley, future tenth Doctor David Tennant, and future fourteenth Doctor Rupert Grint a blowjob dispensing paving slab as the filthily named "Moaning Myrtle". Actually, there's a lot of actors in common between Doctor Who and the 15 or 16 movies or whatever the fuck it's gotten up to by the time I finish this paragraph, jesus. It might be worth listing them, but it's almost certainly not.


Here, have this image instead.

Doctor Who and Harry Potter

There, now I don't have to list them.

You're welcome.

Good ole JK!Edit

There was one thing Rusty wanted for christmas more than anything else in the world, and that was for JK Rowling to write an episode for him. Her decision to avoid writing for Doctor Who lead RTD to resign from the post of Showruiner to spend more time with his family.

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