I say!
— Harry Sullivan


Attack of the sideburns.

Harry Sullivan - The Ark in Space

Look out, he's got a tube.

Dr. Harry Sullivan (played by Ian Marter) was a companion to the Fourth Doctor and first showed up in Four's debut story Robot (although he was foreshadowed in Planet of the Spiders).

Story Edit

Harry was a medical officer at UNIT and travelled with the Doctor and Sarah Jane until Terror of the Zygons. He returned a few stories later for his final appearance in The Android Invasion.

Trivia Edit

Dr. Sullivan is responsible for attempted genocide, which is about in keeping with the post-companion track record.

He insisted on calling Sarah Jane "old girl", despite her regularly threatening to kick his arse over it. Or, more likely, because of it—he was in the Navy, after all. (And even if you're not into S&M, tell me honestly that you wouldn't get at least some thrill out of SJ spanking you.)


"Harry Sullivan is an imbecile!"
~ The Fourth Doctor.
One of those buttons will destroy the Zygons, release the imbecile's gas.
~ The Twelfth Doctor
Harry was a bit of a duffer but a jolly fine chap. The product, no doubt, of the English public school system. Rugger, school cups - maybe even a Prefect. No spectacular academic achievements, but he came out with a solid character. And then a medical degree and into the British Navy, where he doubtless served Queen and Country with distinction. Old fashioned and simple hearted. Fine and true. A tribute to the playing fields, old colleges, and institutions of Great Britain. The kind of thoroughly decent sort who was the bread and butter of two world wars.  Exactly the sort of person, in other words, to happily exterminate an entire race of inconvenient people for his government.
~ Jack Graham