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Perhaps you would like to come on a winter wonderland waterbed cruise to the isle of Lesbos?

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Heather (aka. Wet Waifu, Wetfu, Waterfu, Weather, Shona Part II, not to be confused with Piss Heather) was played by Stephanie Hyam and was a qt potential companion who died a horrifying death became The Pilot of some intelligent fuel. She appears in the first episode of Series 10 as well as the finale.

Background Edit

Heather was a lesbo Uni student who befriended and developed a mutual crush with chips dispenser Bill. She had a star in her eye, allowing her to notice that a puddle of alien fuel didn't reflect images properly.

The puddle then absorbed her when Bill wasn't looking, stole her appearance and designated her as its "pilot" for its journeys throughout the universe. Bill later gets the opportunity to join her but ultimately chooses The Capaldick.

And then Heather showed up again in the finale... somehow... to turn asBill into a puddle as well... somehow... it didn't make sense but was pretty cool.

Expect four Big Finish boxsets spanning sixteen hours expanding on their adventures.

Trivia Edit

  • Literally wetter than Watersports Clara.
  • She auditioned to play one of the monsters in The Waters of Mars and the possesed passenger in Midnight but RTD declined. So good guy Moffug fulfilled her dreams by combining both.
  • Anyone else think she's a bit like Sadako? Maybe more like the white version, Samara.
  • She should've been the companion.