Henry Van Statten (pronounced Henry Van Statten) is the owner of the internet, and thus the owner of /who/ and the Doctor Who General Wiki.

After the Dalek Incident Edit

Many people believe his memory was wiped and was dumped someplace starting with an S, as per the order of his assistant Diana "Stupid Cunt" Goddard. On the way to someplace HVS's guards realized Goddard has no authority and promptly released him. As a result Stupid Cunt had her memory wiped and dropped someplace starting with an A, a place that also happens to be riddled with something starting with an H,I, and a V.

Present day Edit

As the owner of /who/ and the Doctor Who General Wiki, only HVS truly has the power to delete it. He commonly posts threats about doing so as to remind everyone he has authority over us all.