Hillary's True Form

They even made a movie about her reaching her final form.

Hillary Clinton, also known as Lady Cassandra, is an evil woman whose goal is the eventual destruction of all life on Earth, including /who/ and especially Cletuses. She plans to achieve this by starting World War 3 so she can later sell the remaining rocks of the planet to the Slitheen and also be the last human. Thankfully, her apocalypse has been averted, as she was defeated by Donald Trump in late 2016, causing her to slumber and await the 2020 elections so she can attempt her terrible plan again.

Connection to Doctor Who Edit



Hillary is the Doctor's oldest enemy, and by far the deadliest. She was the one who started The Last Great Time War and created the Daleks, this is all completely canon. After the Time War ended, she turned herself human and hid out on Earth to avoid swift and terrible justice by the Doctor, who's mad as hell about all the trouble she caused him. As of yet, the Doctor has not put two and two together, so she remains at large.

Why so serious

Why so serious?

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