Big Finish make fan fiction in the form of audio dramas for Doctor Who and other niche programs. These are full cast plays with classic Doctors, actors, and new companions and stories. They put out so much goddamn content it's pretty fucking overwhelming to get into.

Here are the main methods:

  2. Spotify: the first 50 monthlies, and about 90 more assorted things (some of which are boxsets, not just single audios), are there, free, legally, for you to listen to. (If you don't have a paid Spotify account, you will get ads between the audios, and will only be able to listen while online.) (And sorry for linking to Reddit, but r/gallifrey's page o' Spotify links is so much easier to navigate than the Spotify app that it almost makes up for them being r/gallifrey… no, I take that back, it doesn't. But it's still a useful page.)
  3. Check your local public library. I don't know about yours, but mine has a few dozen random CDs available to check out, but, more importantly, a few hundred of them digitally via Hoopla and another app I forget the name of (which I can download to my phone or tablet in my pants, which they tend to frown on if you actually physically go to the library).
  4. Do what you want cause a Pirate is free (but really tho BF is awesome and you should actually buy the plays)
  5. Visit Paul McGann's basement

It's better to buy stuff than pirate because:

  1. It's good
  2. Big Finish is small and needs the money to keep making good stuff
  3. Pirating is hard?????!?!?!!!!???!

Wait for sales, get digital subscriptions, support this shit.

Here is a list of recommended audios for different Doctors:
Big Finish recommendations

Ear Stories

The Companion Chronicles Edit

The Companion Chronicles are a series of audio stories that tell tales from Doctors 1 through 8 through the eyes of his companions. They are different from the main range and usually they only have one or two people in the story as opposed to being full cast audios. It's more like the companion is reciting a tale from their memory to the other person in the story. Some people prefer the Companion Chronicles to the main range. The range was succeeded in 2014 by The Early Adventures.

Recommended Companion Chronicles:

03: The Blue Tooth (Three, Liz and the Cybermen)

04: The Beautiful People (Four, Romana II)

13: Home Truths (One, Sara Kingdom, Steven)

15: The Transit of Venus (One, Ian)

19: The Mahogany Murderers (Jago and Litefoot)

21: The Drowned World (One, Sarah Kingdom, Steven)

32: Solitaire (Eight, Charley, The Toymaker)

33: The Guardian of the Solar System (One, Sara Kingdom, Steven)

34: Echoes of Grey (Two, Zoe, Jamie)

35: Find and Replace (Three, Jo, Iris Wildthyme)

39: Peri and the Piscon Paradox (Five, Six, Peri)

45: Tales from the Vault (Various companions)

46: The Rocket Men (One, Ian)

47: The Memory Cheats (Two, Zoe, Jamie)

57: The Time Museum (Ian)

58: The Uncertainty Principle (Two, Zoe, Jamie)

59: Project: Nirvana (Seven, Sally, Aristedes)

60: The Last Post (Three, Liz)

61: Return of the Rocket Men (One, Ian)

63: The Flames of Cadiz (One, Ian, Susan, Barbara)

65: The Scorchies (Three, Jo)

69: Mastermind (The Master)

72: Ghost in the Machine (Three, Jo)

73: The Beginning (One, Susan)

78: The War to End All Wars (One, Steven, Dodo)

80: Second Chances (Two, Zoe, Jamie)

The results of /who/ rates BF 2015 Edit

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