Hype, Not even once...

Nevar forget

A sobering reminder of what can happen when you try to hype something up. Yes, this picture is for ants.



Doctor Who poster - Kill The Moon


Always Don't ever believe the hype.

Hype ruins so many things. Our imaginations build up impossibly high expectations. No matter how good reality is, if you get hype, it will never be good enough, and then you will be depressed and bitter.

Reminder Edit

It's Happening GET HYPE

/who/ Edit

/who/ is really bad about getting hype. It is a cyclical and self-fulfilling prophecy. Series finales are particularly bad about drumming up hype, only to be trashed immediately afterward because it wasn't as good as /who/ thought it could be. In reality, shit is usually pretty good, people just get overexcited.

List of Things Ruined by Too Much Hype Edit

  1. Doctor Who
  2. Sex, at least the first time.
  3. Kill the Moon