Waiting for Moffat to explain like.

"I'll explain later" is a phrase that Moffat jokingly came up with when making The Curse of Fatal Death, which ironically resulted in the fatal death of his writing ability as he has since acquired it as a mindset for his storytelling ever since Series 6 The Big Bang Silence in the Library. Literally every finale of his run has the Doctor or someone else recapping all the unsolved mysteries of the series (many of which would remain unsolved forever, btw) before I am the Doctor begins obnoxiously blaring out, accompanied by the image of Matt Smith spinning around the TARDIS console like a retard and shouting "DOCTOR WHO??????" at the top of his lungs.

Gee, isn't the writing in Moffat's era soooooo satisfying?

Notable examples of "I'll explain later" Edit

Ones which are still unresolved are in bold. Ones that are sorta solved-ish kinda but not really are in italic.

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