Ice warrior

An early costume for Queen Shlikt, leader of the Ice Warriors from the Second Doctor story "Ice Sea What Who Did There."


A penis and an ice warrior.




The Ice Warriors are a extraterrestrial race of silly, hissing reptilian humanoids that no one could understand and who walked very slowly through long stretches of draggy episodes of Doctor Who. They were originally created by Brian Hellyes in 1967.

History Edit

The Ice Warriors planet of origin is Mars, said to be a dying world slowly succumbing to an ice age, which leads the Ice Warriors to try and conquer Earth a few times.

Although the race originally appeared as alien monsters laying siege to numerous bases, subsequent appearances have depicted the Ice Warriors as a more neutral group and as Klingons (thanks Gatiss). They've only appeared on the show five times total but people seem to like them despite Cold War.

Stories Edit

Trivia Edit

Also, they have had hands like lego men. Until they were brought back in 2013 with normal hands.

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