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Canon as fuck.

A pretty good Doctor Who movie, it features the Twelfth Doctor and the recently employed Seb trying to stop some faggot from acting like a sperglord in a press conference then turns into a full out tit contest.

Timeline of the completely canon events: Edit

The Twelfth Doctor says his catchphrase for the first time - "Fuckity bye!"

Seb begins his job in parliament.

Seb replaces Judy as Simon's go-to-guy for fucking up everything.

Seb leaks some shit.

The Doctor runs around between scenes.

Seb gets kicked out for being such a fucking beta.

The Twelfth Doctor's new companion breaks a fax machine.

Seb becomes property of The Twelfth Doctor.

Reception Edit

GOAT, though not quite as GOAT as The Thick of It.

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