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Incest is the act of sexual intercourse shared between two or more closely related individuals. "Closely" is the operative word here: all human beings are related, as indeed is all life on Earth.

Incest is probably bad.

Unsurprisingly, Tumblr doesn't seem to think so.

Incest in Doctor WhoEdit


>tfw ur granddaughter's screams turn u on

Coming from such a small, insular community that had degenerated due to an ill-conceived (ah? See what I did there?) eugenics program, Leela was a product of incest.

Rose Tyler's dad hit on her when they were hanging out together, and Rose just about bit her own tongue off in horror.

The Doctor's daughter played the Doctor's daughter in an episode called "The Doctor's Daughter", until the doctor "had" the Doctor's daughter and the Doctor's daughter had the Doctor's daughter.

Amy Pond regularly committed sexual assault against the Doctor, who would eventually turn out to be her son-in-law (twice over!). Likewise, River's implied to be the Doctor's daughter numerous times, and is kiiinda the TARDIS's daughter, and the TARDIS is the Doctor's Wife, and none of that stopped them from getting hitched. Conversely, Rory Pond is the only man River Song never hit on, though everything she ever said indicated he's totally her type.

There's a certain breed of fan that has always assumed the Master was the Doctor's brother, and they must have pooped themselves over Death in Heaven.

Incest is somewhat common among human royalty, but Doctor Who seems to particularly focus on the ones who married their siblings (Nero, Cleopatra, Nefertiti, alternate-timeline Erimem) or at least first cousins (Victoria, John). The closest you get to non-incestuous royals is… Kublai Khan, who only married a cousin-in-law?

The Osirans committed incest as their routine reproductive custom (well, sort of; they were the most powerful psychics in the Universe, so they made babies with their minds, meaning that they probably kind of had to use siblings in order to reproduce; that's not going to stop Tumblr from making Osiran dick porn the minute they figure this out though).

Anon's mom tried to fuck him, and /who/ collectively came together to tell him DO IT.