Innes Lloyd

Innes Lloyd was a god-awful showruiner that took over Doctor Who after both Lerity Vambert and John Wiles committed suicide due to their realization of just how low in quality Who had fallen.

Worst decision Edit

His worst decision was Dodo. No joke, his era would be 100x better if Dodo had never been written into the show. She alone is responsible for just how shitty Wiles era was.

Best decision Edit

To be's hard to say because he made more than one good one decision (I guess his best decisions were Patrick Troughton for the Doctor and Gerry Davis for script editor). Sure he's since been severely overrated, as you can see above and below, but if there was a Silver Age of Doctor Who, it was probably his. To be fair, he was largely competing with people who were barely interested in the exact premise of the show, so it wasn't a particularly difficult victory for him.

Usual Style Edit

He also allowed a huge spam of Base Under-Seige episodes to constantly repeat the success of The Tenth Planet. At first in some ways he did it better than before, one thinks of The Moonbase, but after a while, it got old. Like, really, really old.

He also fully took the show away from science fiction and history and moved it to waves and waves of bug-eyed monsters, a couple of which were obviously meant to replace the Daleks. Toning down the educational tones and toning up the monsters was actually apparently a decision meant to increase adult audiences in an effort to revive declining ratings, because apparently, adults hate to be educated (though ironically, his earliest work comes across as very childish anyway because it was so dumbed down, though these stories were already commissioned by John Wiles, who is a lot more shit than some people care to admit). At first, while old fans left the show, this caused ratings to decline further, but admittedly the process also gained new fans who restored the ratings and were retained until Lloyd left and the show went downhill again until The War Games brought back reasonable standards. These new fans swore to not ever let the decline happen again, and as a result, every Doctor Who episode from the 1980s to the present must feel like it is an Innes Lloyd story. Which explains the over-emphasis on bug-eyed monsters and the under-emphasis on sci-fi and history in JNT seasons to the present day.

He also frequently conveys that incredibly uncomfortable, difficult-to-describe style that spoiled brats inevitably love for unknown reasons.

That aside, his style could usually be pretty Silver Age-y, if that was a ever thing. For all intents and purposes, he brought legitimately interesting monsters to his series, his serials were often exactly the length they needed to be, and even the six-parters didn't feel as artificially long as most other six-parters, and his bizarre less-than-educational style was what affirmed that Doctor Who was a show that adults could like as much or more than children. Thanks to him, manchildren such as yourself liking this show is now socially acceptable.

Reception Edit

Originally, during his time, he was the least liked-producer for admittedly incredibly unfair reasons, the biggest reason for the hatred towards him being that the Doctor changed from an old teacher to a younger guy wearing whacky stooge pants.

Now, in retrospect, he has since gained the most obsessive and cringey fans, until RTD, who seem to think that everybody else after him ruined the show forever and that Lloyd was the only one who did it right. Oh, the irony!

You might think that this is the main reason, if not only reason, why this intentionally contrarian and counter-mainstream fan culture wiki emphasizes his flaws. You might be right.

One of his most rabid fanboys is RTD, who used the first season of the Revived Series to basically rip off Innes Lloyd's work, flat out copy-pasting stories like The Macra Terror and The Evil of the Daleks with hopes of becoming the next Innes Lloyd and restoring the TROO DOCTOR WHO THAT THE MEAN OL' HINCHCLIFFE TOOK AWAY FROM THE TROO FANS FOREVER AND EVER BY RUINING THE STATUS QUO BY RUINING THEIR HEADCANONS!

Humorously, after that season, the writers gave up on ripping off Innes Lloyd and moved on to studying Philip Hinchcliffe. Oh, the irony!