Rose Tyler and Nicky Smith

Beginning as you intend to go on.

Donna Noble and some loser

"Just think about that spiderbitch, just think about that spiderbitch, 8 legs, seven vagánias... maybe more."

Martha and Milligan

Unfortunately, he got killed offscreen by, eh, let's say Meglos.

Canton and Nixon discuss sexuality and race relations in 1970s america

Even the gay dude.

Clara and Splink

Look at her body language. Shrinking away, forced smile, clear look of disgust in her eyes. You just know.


They're in lesbians with each other.

Ebony and Ivory live together in perfect harmony, so they have Interracial Relationships. Literally every companion save Amy Pond has had one since Series 1 (UNLESS you count Ginger as a race and then you can safely add Amy and Rory). Normally, I wouldn't think of it as a thing, but they've kinda forced the issue. You'd think that there was literally nothing but black and white people in Britain, or something.

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