Vastra and jenny kiss by dragoon23-d67gkv9

Doctor Who pandering to the subhuman tumblr scum in a way that is... uhh.... kind of hot...


Hey, it was the 80s, man.

Jenny and Vastra enjoy some dank nugs

*hits blunt* Dude, you're, like, a lizard.

An interspecies lesbian relationship is a perfectly natural thing that was widely tolerated in Victorian London, as demonstrated by the BBC through the Doctor Who characters Madame Vastra and Jenny “Tits” Flint.

Story Edit

An interspecies lesbian relationship involves excessive public displays of intimacy between two females of different species, usually during the heat of battle since participants in the relationship rapidly develop a grandmaster level of martial arts skill.

The offensive capabilities of interspecies lesbians are considered a threat to the Sontaran Empire. Their defensive stratagem is to employ Strax as a general cockblock.

Diversity Edit

It's important to note that this is totally not the BBC trying to reach diversity quotas, as that would be an absolutely ridiculous idea! Who would sacrifice the quality of their writing in order to appease tumblr?