Bonds James Bonds

Clip from the opening of "The Six Bonds".

Tfw bondburgered

Seriously one of the funniest of these pun images.

Doctor Bond

Last night I pierced your sister's blue box.


Time Lords.

Timothy Dalton

Oh shit it's Rassilon!

James Bond is a Time Lord, lol!

Because, y'know, one man with, like, different faces, you get it? LOL Eric. Simply eric. Actually it's closer to the truth than you'd think since former Bond Timothy "Can't Halt the Dalt"on also played Rassilon.

Story Edit

Some books (which got turned into movies) about a spy called Jim Bong and his adventures shooting poor people and banging many women.

Reception Edit

All memery aside, Jimmy Bond is a decent mythology to waste time on when you get burnt out on Doctor Who, which of course as a TRUE FAN you never do.

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