The sexiest thing known the mankind. Look at Jamie’s abdominal muscles! Look at his adorable arms and amazing skin colour! Look at the way his dick is up the poor woman next to him‘s arse! So sexy!

Jamie McCrimmon (played by Frazer Hines) is a Scottish badass who wears a skirt and doesn't afraid of anything.

Appearances Edit

Jamie stuck around on the show from 1966 to 1969, first appearing in The Highlanders, and then being forced to leave via a mindwipe by the Time Lords in The War Games. He has since returned to the Doctor's life about 50 thousand times, reuniting with Patty in some headcanon season that was accidentally made official, and then meeting Sixie as an old man in both the audios and the comics. Oh, and then he was a ghost or something.

Story Edit

Jamie travelled with the Second Doctor and was fond of yanking down women's skirts while in the TARDIS, or so I've heard. So was the Second Doctor, in fact.

Frazer Hines played Jamie in 116 episodes and he appeared in more episodes of Doctor Who than any other companion. HORY SHET. Pity they were mostly deleted by the Beeb.

Character Edit

Like all Scottish people, Jamie enjoyed binge drinking, porridge, caber tossing, and heroin. He clearly wanted to shag Victoria, Zoe and the Doctor, and is recognized for constantly trying to make a move on every female character he meets. Also got physical on occasions with his knife; Leela would approve.

Reception Edit

Jamie is one of the best-known companions of the Classic era for reasons of GOATness. Any story of the Second Doctor that doesn't feature him is non-canon (although Power is excused due to its nature of being based af).

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