Queen Clala



Thinking about The Capaldick

Jenna Wink closeup

"So, Jenna, what will you miss sitting on the most?"

Jenna Coleman gets asked a personal question

Getting to the heart of the matter.


She can be a fun gal too.

Evil creature

cri evritiem

Also known as "Pancakes", Jenna Coleman is the best companion ever. Also she has the most disappointing pair of tits since Louise Jameson's.

After Who Edit

Coleman is the best actress ever so when she leaves she's going to win Oscars and everything. Just wait and see. (She actually is pretty good though, don't listen to dumbos trying to tell you otherwise. She's also not to blame for people hating Clara; Whorefat's writing is to blame).

She currently enjoys a modicum of fame and income via her adult tumblr, where she's able to perform without the use of whitewashing makeup.

Jenna will soon be starring as Queen Werewolf, in a hardcore porno that will air opposite Matt Smith as King Nazi.

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