Uncle Jimmy in no way resembled a paedophile.

Jimmy Savile

Why hello there, person reading this page. I had you as a child, you know.

Savile's Eleven

Savile's posse.

Age of Consent

Was it rape?

Sir James Wilson Vincent "Uncle Jimmy" Savile, OBE, KCSG, FRCMC, ABC, EFG, Giggity Giggity Giggity Goo (Pronounced "Steven Moffat") was a beloved member of the British Empire who starred in A Fix with Sontarans.

History Edit

Savile was a philanthropist who founded Wikipedia and it's shittier sister-site, Wikia, under the pseudonym "Jimmy Wales"; although he is most well-known for establishing the NSPCC out of his profound love for children of all ages.

Life as a Time LordEdit

Unbeknownst to the people of Earth, Savile was a Time Lord who had disguised himself as a human with the aid of a Chameleon Arch. When he was due to die of old age in his human body, a recall device he had implanted in himself reminded him of the importance of his fob watch. He picked it up, curious. Moving his fingers closer to the clasp, he heard the muffled screams of children. Some voices spoke of strange things, such as Time Lords, and others spoke of very familiar things such as sodomy. In a trance, Savile opened the watch. He was transformed back into a noble Time Lord.

Calling the Council of the Time Lords with a distress beacon, he was soon greeted by a large rescue party. Savile had been the Lord President of Gallifrey, and had gone missing decades before. They elected a cunt named Rassilon in his place. Due to an exploit using ancient legal code and a fair bit of bribery and assassinations, Savile was able to replace Rassilon.

Lord President Savile ruled for a century. His era was known as the most bloodsoaked of them all, and would live down in infamy. While the Time Lords were a proud race of ancient pedophiles, he took things to an extreme which none of them were prepared for. A revolution in Time Lord society began. On the 100th anniversary of the day Savile resumed his presidency, he was sucked into the ass of The Abzorbaloff. He was never to be seen again except by the Tenth Doctor who was forced to regenerate in the large intestine.

Savile and Sixie Edit

Colin Baker, the Sixth Doctor, drove Uncle Jimmy to a tragic suicide in 2011 through a smear campaign intended to paint Savile as a paedophile. Colin claims that he did this because back in the 1980's he caught him buying a child off of two Sontaran child traffickers in the TARDIS along with some complimentary child pornography. They tried to bribe Colin with pies, however they were vegetarian and he wasn't about to fall for that ruse again.

In 2013 Savile was described by Time magazine as a "tortured genius".

Reception Edit

I put it to you that Jimmy Savile was one of the greatest men who ever lived. He may have been a mega paedo but he got away with it. Fair play to him I say, he played the game and won. He was just being alpha and sexually conquering what he saw as rightly his. He fucked whoever and whatever he liked and had everyone licking his arse whilst he did it. He even got a fucking knighthood whilst fucking kids. Sir Jimmy is much better that faggot Rolf who went to jail. No jail for Jimmy. He had it all, and was rich as fuck. He wanted to shag a dead body... BAM! Go to the morgue and give them a shafting. He knew what he wanted and went out and got it.

Sir James Savile... I salute you.

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