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Screenshot from The End of Time.


DINNER TIME (from /who/ rewatches the End of Time)

John Simian played the severely deranged Mattress during the Tenth and Twelfth Doctor's era.

Character Edit

Well, he's supposed to be the Master, but he often acts more like an evil hybrid of the GOD-TIER Doctor, the Underrated Doctor, the Based Doctor, the GOAT Doctor, and the Overrated Doctor. Not a bad villain, actually pretty good, just...not the Master.

If John Simm and David Tennant switched roles, would it have improved the Tenth Doctor and the RTD Master? Yeah, probably.

Simm /who/ Edit

Simm has a loyal following on /who/ known as Simmchads.

Appearances Edit

Simm appears in UtopiaThe Sound of DrumsLast of the Time Lords and the two-part Christmas special The End of Time.

And now Series 10. Officially confirmed now, apologize to the Moff.

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