Doctor Who- Fan 50th Anniversary Special Trailer01:04

Doctor Who- Fan 50th Anniversary Special Trailer

Looking for The Doctor's alter ego John Smith?

John Smith a GOAT Doctor Who related youtuber that, unlike Neon Pissual, actually makes good content, is not a pretentious cunt and actually deserves to work at the BBC
A Decade Of Doctor Who03:40

A Decade Of Doctor Who

He first exploded onto the scene when he made a fake trailer for the 50th anniversary special so realistic(and probbably better than the actual thing), it tricked all the tumblrinas into reblogging it and making low res, shitty framerate gifs of it.

Other projects include a First Person Weeping Angel video, Wholock, a remaster of the First Doctor saying goodbye to Susan and a video with Twelvy and Pancakes landing on a rainy planet.

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