Justin Richards

Justin Richards is kind of an anomaly. He's quite the prolific Doctor Who writer, having written new books every year since 1994, and even dabbled writing audios from time to time. The problem is none of his books are particularly good, or particularly bad for that matter. He's an average writer. Finishing one of his books will make you go "Yeah, that was all right, I guess." His audios fare a little better, but still, this dude's written over 40 Doctor Who books, but try remembering one of them, or what you even thought of them. He made Trix for God's sake, and who the Hell has any strong opinion on Trix?

...but I guess he did all right in soft rebooting the EDAs after The Ancestor Cell fucked it all up. And those Jago and Litefoot audios he writes are kind of comfy. He might be no Lance Parkin or Kate Orman, but at least he ain't a Gary Russell or a John Peel. So cheers to you, Justin. You might not be fantastic or groundbreaking, but you can be happy that you're not shit.

Oh yeah, he made Vastra and Jenny straight in one of the books he wrote, but he's so average that I don't think even Tumblr cares.