yo bitch i gotta holla cuz that ass was flat

Karen's reaction to reading this page.

Karen Gillan's Ass (also known as The Crack in Time) is a point of contention for /who/. Most say it's "sad", "flat" and generally nonexistent. (That probably explains why so many commentators complained about Amy's short skirts, when nobody ever complained about Jo's, or Jamie's.)

There exists, however, a small minority that would happily smash/plow/eat etc. and what have you the bum of our former companion.

Personally, I'd like to absolutely devestate it and have wanted to since early 2010. One day I'll get around to describing, in detail, how that exact scenario would play out. Until then I'll just fap to that 30 second scene in "Not Another Happy Ending" every few days or so. If only...

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