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Kate Bush is a British singer, songwriter and performer. She is a godess and started universe. She is notable for writing the creation story The Ninth Wave. Despite being completely unrelated to Doctor Who, she is still canon.

Early Life Edit

Born in the same year as Peter Capaldi, Kate Bush loved Doctor Who, films and making weird noises that some people call singing which is actually the voice of an angel.

Doctor Who connection Edit

In the 1980's she was hired by the BBC to write for Doctor Who under the pseudonym of Christopher Bailey. Her two stories, Kinda and Snakedance, introduced the Mara to programme. The Mara was credited for scaring children, making hippies go Buddhist and Peter Davison to go insane when the plastic snake started singing "Sat in your Lap".

Kate Bush - The Dreaming - Official Music Video04:07

Kate Bush - The Dreaming - Official Music Video

The free costumes from Earthshock worked a treat in this video despite the bloodstains from Matthew Waterhouse on the undersides

After that, everyone in the BBC agreed that she was bonkers but she got free Cybermen costumes for her video of "The Dreaming".

After Doctor Who Edit

Kate decided writing episodes of Doctor Who was fun, so why not write a Doctor Who episode with herself as the Doctor and Miranda Richardson as the Mattress?

So, she did.

For more info see: The Line, The Cross and The Curve.

Trivia Edit

Her video of "Babooshka" featured a costume designed by future Doctor Who cover illustrator Chris Achilleos.

The Tenth Doctor quoted her song "Oh England, My Lionheart" during his regeneration into Eleven

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